The Organising Committee of TEDx Sreyas Institute was formed purely by chance, it wasn't planned, it wasn't set up, its something that just happened, like a flower blooms in sunlight, a very Productive, Profound and Proactive way. We have a team that it takes to build a company or an institution, we've always been together like a family and never said no to one another. We've helped each other in and out, we've helped each other grow and had the common goal of empowering every other student with a similar mindset. We believe that we can achieve a better tomorrow, and make the rest of today a better version of yesterday. We keep hitting a wall until we push through it, and then we keep moving forward....

Organizing Team

CSV KarthikKarthik CSV
Hyderabad, India Organizer
JV SudhanshuJ.V. Sudhanshu
Hyderabad, India Co-organizer

Prajwal ShuklaPrajwal Shukla
Marketing/ Communications
Narlanka PradyumnNarlanka Pradyumn
Thirunahari PravarshiThirunahari Pravarshi